I will add more to this page, but for now, here is my current resume, copied & pasted:

Kim Schmidt's September, 2016 Resume

Kim Schmidt’s September, 2016 Resume

SummaryHere is what sets me apart from the competition:

  • I have a broad range of knowledge and experience with many technologies, positions, verticals, and company-types (all within the technology industry).
  • I give order out of chaos in Program Management, Branding, Marketing, PR & Evangelism in every single aspect. Give me your chaos and free reign to take your pandemonium and bring order for you. I excel at solving unstructured challenges.
  • I have an extraordinary “need” for daily learning of new technologies. Nothing in the world can suffocate that hunger.
  • I speak equally well to a broad range of people in corporate positions. I have deep worldliness, being just as comfortable speaking to CEO’s, Founders, Presidents, Ambassadors and more at top levels to training with respect less-experienced co-workers. I’ve trained teens how to program, the U.S. Army, and have worked with many highly-respected CXOs.

 My strengths as a Program Manager/Brand Manager/Marketer/Corporate Evangelist include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide inventive and innovative thinking to processes to simplify, improve effectiveness and efficiency having the ability to influence direction keeping the customer’s best interests at heart (*see Max McKeown’s personal recommendation of me on LinkedIn, included at the end of this resume*)
  • Extremely motivated and detail-oriented individual who is energized by big challenges.
  • Ability to analyze sales data and trends, identifying new business and partnership opportunities alongside global sales teams to build recommendations into overall strategies through identification of visionary new solutions and product concepts for anticipated consumer needs and needs of the industry niches.
  • Develop, field and analyze product and consumer research; assess, improve and optimize ongoing media and campaigns and identify and advocate for new opportunities or improve existing ones.
  • Develop integrated strategies that work to achieve stated goals and provide direction, communication and necessary documentation to all internal and external partners ensuring the product line is recognized as the best by resellers and end users in the industry for value, quality, selection, innovation, features, reliability and ease of use.
  • Provide an inspirational vision for the given product lines that “changes the game” for the customer based upon providing consumer understanding of their needs in a concise manner; identify any gaps and new consumer solutions that would benefit the customer.
  • Strong analytical, strategic and interpersonal skills; strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Act as liaison between wide range of internal and external clients.
  • Ability to execute on a wide variety of concurrent projects on schedule in a fast paces entrepreneurial environment.
  • Actively organize, coordinate and provide the best integrated solution for clients and present the results concisely with facts.



  • Create AWS Big Data/BI/Advanced Analytics external-facing whitepapers & eBooks for AWS and the AWS Marketplace
  • Created internal-facing AWS documents and other assets


  • Contracted with Botmetric to be their Chief Evangelist for a fixed time period to jumpstart their U.S. Marketing
  • Created “how-to” videos, blog posts, and social media campaigns, including https://youtu.be/bP8FrLqwZDM & https://youtu.be/O7WesuT0yLw
  • Researched competitors and reported back with whitepapers and presentations

no1*Massive layoff: 40 of 50 people laid off by 8/1/2016*Network of One

  • Automated the manual email copy/paste into spreadsheets for Acquisitions and Conversions on EC2 using S3 & Redshift, auto-updating Redshift tables and delivering .xlsx to department heads via CRON, archiving every update on static S3 websites
  • Manager of Amazon Web Services relationship, server & services configuration; reduced AWS cost per year the first week of employment by $367,464.12 per year and overall approximately $.5M
  • Coordinated and assisted with terabytes of data ingestion from multiple external data sources into Redshift and Amazon RDS Aurora, some using the Matillion ETL Tool for AWS
  • Days mostly spent doing Amazon Redshift tasks using BASH, VIM, POSTGRESQL, PSQL within BASH, CRON, AWS CLI, some Amazon RDS with MySQL, and various AWS Administrative and Reporting tasks
  • Trained the technical team on AWS Best Practices
  • Manage the company’s relationship with AWS
  • Manager of AWS relationship ETL Tool Matillion
  • Manager of AWS relationship Botmetrics for Cost, Disaster Recovery, Performance and Security Tool: https://youtu.be/bP8FrLqwZDM
  • Optimized all technology systems and maintained minimal associated costs; bi-weekly reporting & posting on multiple cloud platforms
  • Negotiated prices on other AWS services and Marketplace Solutions to be thousands less than regular pricing
  • Implementing a Direct Connect to Data Warehouse and also to on-premises to AWS
  • Reporting directly to the CEO, I act as the liaison between the Engineering and Business Intelligence Teams
  • Assist in direct hires
  • Project Management throughout the company using Trello Kanban & Corrello for cross-board analytics & reporting
  • Conference and Marketing Event Organizer End-to-End
  • Create ad-hoc pivot reports as needed
  • Created an automated financial system in less than a day
  • Automated Google Spreadsheets via code to perform various functions


  • Solely created the first B2C Program for D&B
  • Created and implemented the MVP Program for elite data experts, exceeding program goals by 2200%
  • Created and utilized web properties, marketing collateral, social channels, blogs and forums to build the program from scratch and launch new products and education while analyzing KPIs to maximize budget and results
  • Increased brand awareness and participant engagement in trade publications, national media and press
  • Key PR and Marketing public figure representing the company and the program at conferences, meetings and events
  • Arranged for a Hollywood videographer to interview D&B MVPs that were present at SQL PASS 2014. The playlist of these awesome data experts’ interviews and me being interviewed as D&B’s MVP Program Manager can be seen in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2EgRNBrbhC7pu4AsFvkcVm9TCqyt-ls3


  • Work with clients to create interactive Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Visual Effects campaigns and events, engaging targets with accountable results
  • Client concept creation, event management, counseling, sale and account management
  • Conduct event analysis and reporting to give to clients post-event metrics to prove success in a very detailed manner
  • Traveled to client events to implement services and guarantee a smooth execution of the interactive event
  • (This is a part-time, per-event position)


  • (failed startup)
  • Implemented programs, events, partner relations and funding to promote Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wearables, Smart Glasses, the Internet of Things and other emerging technologies
  • Quality and results of the events I did resulted in Microsoft giving the agency free access to campus facilities with catering with the caveat to implement regular events of the same caliber
  • Used TedX-style model to expand the geographic footprint of the leading emerging technology conference, AWE
  • Prospected and closed partnerships with top emerging technology companies globally
  • Coordinated a unique relationship with Amazon Web Services resulting in immeasurable training and services support
  • Created two user groups for the agency that grew from 0 to over 500 members in two months
  • Developed approximately seven social media sites to market the agency to the emerging technology audience


  • Increased the application’s functionality by 5000% through innovative competitions and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Beta-tested each release to ensure customer satisfaction on Windows, Android and iPhone smartphones
  • Created marketing and PR strategies for US adoption, resulting in interest from ePrize, Microsoft Ambassadors and Corporate CEO’s


  • Preferred Product Advisor for highly technical customers
  • Increased market awareness by over 2000%
  • Organized and marketed unique community and business events that are still being repeated today
  • Produced several original events including developer summits, pre-conference events and black-tie charity events
  • Marketing and PR: Attracted high-profile celebrities to events including NFL Champions, the San Diego Cheerleaders and the California Governor’s liaison
  • Increased sales by 40% through innovative B2B channel campaigns

Other positions viewable on LinkedIn


(Not All-Inclusive): Amazon Web Services (some Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud) Redshift, S3, EC2, Aurora, VPC, IAM, SNS, SQS, Cognito, Mobile Hub, AWS CLI, MySQL, HTML, CSS, BASH, PostgreSQL, VIM, CRON, json; Emerging Technologies (half-way to Google Developer Expert in Wearables),; Microsoft Office Suite some: JavaScript, Java, Microsoft Business Intelligence, SQL Server, Git, GitHub, PowerShell, Markdown, NationBuilder, Penflip, past fluent: C#, ASP.NET, .NET, XML, XSLT, XSD, XPath, Tridion Content Management System


“Half-way” to Google Developer Expert in Wearables, Microsoft Certified Application Developer, Microsoft Certified Professional, Certified in JavaScript, Certified Internet Webmaster, A+


  • “#120 in 2014 “Top 1K in Wearables”, Leaderboard.com
  • “Woman of Distinction”, Princeton Global Network 2013-2014
  • VIP Woman of the Year”, National Association of Professional Women, 2011-2012
  • Top 75% of Influential People Online”, FastCompany.com 2011
  • Best Technology” at Microsoft Windows 7 Incubation Week, 2009


  • UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE, Pre-Med/Biological Sciences, Dean’s Honor List, 3.86 GPA
  • ORANGE COAST COLLEGE, Pre-Med/Biological Sciences, Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Scholarship Society, Mu Alpha Theta Mathematical Honor Society, US President’s List for Outstanding Scholarship, 3.98 GPA


Conversational Spanish, Reading, Writing and Speaking


Dr. Max McKeown, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_McKeown
Writer, Consultant, Researcher Specializing in “Innovation Strategy, Leadership, and Culture”, Oct. 21, 2014

Kim is a relentless force of nature. Someone who enthuses and shares her enthusiasm for the power of innovation – and new ideas – with everyone. People respond to that attractive energy and want to get involved with the work she does.

She understands the amazing opportunities presented by new approaches, technologies and also understands the challenges with helping people over their reluctance to change their habits. This makes her an invaluable part of any innovation or change project. She has invested effort in developing her skills and networks. She has developed communities and relationships in a way that demonstrates her importance to your project or organization.”


Gerry MillerEx-MSFT CTO, Business and Technology Visionary, CEO – Cloudticity, Nov. 29, 2014                                                  

 Every time I see one of Kim’s messages in my inbox, it’s the first thing I click. Kim is a ball of energy, and every communication is a wonderful opportunity to learn something new, meet someone interesting, or get pulled into a fascinating project.

Kim is a unique breed, someone who brings deep technical expertise while oozing passion and enthusiasm. It’s hard to overstate her intelligence, energy, drive, and incredible network.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Kim and I look forward to many more years of collaboration.”


Kevin Kline,  SQL PASS Founder and Director of Engineering at SQL Sentry Inc., Sept. 30, 2014

“Kim is a creative and energetic program manager and problem solver for the DNB MVP program. It’s been a great experience working with Kim since its launch at the PASS Summit 2013 event and seeing the progress she has made in building a community of thought leaders for DNB. She put together a wide variety of services for the MVPs, built up premium content and training material, and help coalesce a real community around DNB offerings.”

Approximately 40 more testamonials viewable on LinkedIn

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