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JeffersonFrank, the AWS recruiter of choice who works with organizations worldwide to find and deliver the best AWS professionals on the planet, has kindly named me in their recent blog post entitled, “The Best Free, Discounted, and Paid AWS Training Resources“!


JeffersonFrank’s team honored me by listing me as one of the top Pluralsight AWS trainers!

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The entire article is an awesome resource for anyone looking for AWS training. It nicely sums up training pricing by different learning platforms and lists the top AWS trainers per platform.

They were kind enough to shout out my two published Pluralsight courses as well!

My first course is entitled “Serverless Analytics on AWS“, part of Pluralsight’s AWS Big Data Certification learning path. It covers the following:

  • Heterogeneous data transformation and instantaneous querying of heterogeneous data without the need to first perform ETL using AWS Glue and Amazon Athena
  • How to have one centralized data repository for all global data no matter where the data physically resides, thereby eliminating data silos
  • How Amazon S3 data lake architectures provide immutable logs and materialized views, allowing for multiple people to perform different analytics or machine learning on the data simultaneously
  • It includes 6 live demos totaling approximately 70 minutes

My second course is entitled “Data Engineering for AWS Machine Learning“, part of Pluralsight’s AWS Machine Learning Certification learning path. It covers the following:

  • How to choose the best data repository, data ingestion service, and data transformation service based on application and data characteristics
  • Common machine learning scenarios using the different AWS data engineering services
  • Different ways to perform ETL on batch and streaming data
  • How to automate these tasks
  • How all AWS data engineering services work together
  • It includes 8 live demos totaling approximately 45 minutes

Keep up with JeffersonFrank’s awesome blog posts here and search for AWS jobs on their job portal here!

Thanks again to the great folks at JeffersonFrank!


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