FASTER TIME TO ACTIONABLE INSIGHT (Chapter 1.3 in “All-AWS-Data-Analytic-Services”)

Faster Time to Actionable Insights & ROI

Faster Time to Actionable Insights & ROI


AWS resources can be instantiated in seconds, you can treat these as “disposable” resources – not hardware or software you’ve spent months deciding which to choose and spending a significant up-front expenditure without knowing if it will solve your problems. The “Services not Servers” mantra of AWS provides many ways to increase developer productivity, operational efficiency and the ability to “try on” various solutions available on AWS Marketplace – the largest ecosystem of popular software vendors and integrators of any provider —  to find the perfect fit for your business needs without commitment to long-term contracts. Spin up a pre-configured analytical software solution in minutes, not months.

AWS provides an extensive set of managed services that help you build, secure, and scale big data analytics applications quickly and easily. Whether your applications require real-time streaming, a data warehouse solution, or batch data processing, AWS provides the infrastructure and tools to perform virtually any type of big data project.

When you combine the managed AWS services with software solutions available from popular software vendors on AWS Marketplace, you can get the precise business intelligence and big data analytical solutions you want that augment and enhances your project beyond what the services themselves provide. You get to data-driven results faster by decreasing the time it takes to plan, forecast, and make software provisioning decisions. This greatly improves the way you build business analytics solutions and run your business, giving your organization the agility to experiment and innovate with the click of a button.

Ongoing developments in AWS cloud computing are rapidly moving the promise of deriving business value from big data in real-time into a reality. With billions of devices globally already streaming data, forward-thinking companies have begun to leverage AWS to reap huge benefits from this data storm.

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