Tonight I’m Launching a Website Showcasing Next Generation Amazon Cloud Services Offerings  has launched tonight! Logo Logo brings together industry thought leaders and experts to best implement next generation AWS Cloud Solutions for both the Enterprise and small businesses.’s team is an eclectic group of artisans that paint the sky with zeroes and ones, dancing in their heads while solving your business problems.’s team is comprised of very well-known industry experts with an unquenchable passion for state-of-the-art technologies. What differentiates the team is they’re creative and innovative in a left-brained culture. The team is dedicated to delivering visionary solutions for your success in a data-driven technology world.

Data is the core of any business. Extracting insights and actionable information from data is a differentiating factor between successful businesses that can mitigate risk and respond to customer actions in near real-time vs. other businesses that will fall behind in today’s world of data deluge.

However, analyzing extensive data sets require noteworthy compute capacity that normally exceeds processing capabilities available on-premises. In addition, that compute capacity can fluctuate in size based on the data inputs and the type of analytics being performed. This characteristic of scaling workloads is perfectly suited to AWS and the AWS Marketplace’s pay-as-you-go cloud model, where applications can scale up and down (horizontally and vertically) based on demand. specializes in AWS, cloud, data and application development. The team are recognized trainers in these technologies; thus training is another offering. also offers Evangelism-as-a-Service and full end-to-end architecture, application development, automation, and branding.’s primary founder, Kim Schmidt, has over 50 LinkedIn Recommendations that describe Kim consistently as “innovative, passionate, charismatic, bringing structure to unstructured challenges, having tremendous impact in the broad technology landscape, a relentless force of nature who has the power of innovation and new ideas that provides amazing opportunities through new approaches while simultaneously helping people over their reluctance to technological changes.” is an AWS Partner, a Snowflake Data Warehouse Partner, a Matillion Partner, and an EDNA (Enterprise & Data Analytics) Partner.





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