AWS Marketplace Has New Announcements + What is AWS Marketplace Anyway?

AWS Marketplace Gets a Fresh New Look!

AWS Marketplace Gets a Fresh New Look!

What a nice surprise to wake up and see so many new things happening insofar as AWS Marketplace is concerned!

First of all, the website has a completely fresh look! Modern, easy to navigate, includes “Customer Success Stories” (really nice for people who don’t yet understand the immense value AWS Marketplace brings to AWS customers – it used to be on a separate page – now it’s right here, front & center!) And when you click on the small “Customer Success Story page” link at the bottom of the image below, you’re taken to an awesome page of many videos of customer success stories.

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace Customer Success Stories Section

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace Customer Success Stories Section

For those of you who aren’t familiar with AWS Marketplace, its benefits for you and what-the-heck-it-is, click here to jump to that section now, or keep reading and you’ll eventually get there! In a nutshell, it allows you to purchase pre-configured popular software from 1000+ independent software vendors with 1-Click to deploy, and you only pay for what you use. It’s really awesome!

Another BIG announcement today is that you can now find, buy, & use a variety of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions from AWS Marketplace!

Screenshot Announcing SaaS Subscriptions from AWS Marketplace

Screenshot Announcing SaaS Subscriptions from AWS Marketplace

SaaS solutions run on AWS infrastructure. You only pay for what you consume with no monthly fees or subscription costs (true for almost every Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solution in AWS Marketplace.)

Below are “Featured SaaS Subscription Products” (it’s on the homepage if you scroll down so you can click on each one, or you can click the orange “View SaaS Products” in the above image to see them all:

Screenshot of "Featured" SaaS Subscription Products

Screenshot of “Featured” SaaS Subscription Products

Below is a list of vendors and products “to-date” – it’s growing hourly so this is just a “teaser” 🙂

Application Development & Monitoring

  • Cloudyn: Manages & optimizes AWS, multi-platform, & hybrid platform cloud deployments to give granular visibility into consumption, cost, & performance. Proactive alerts for cloud accountability across the enterprise. Actionable recommendations, right-sizing & capacity planning to optimize & efficiently grow cloud deployment
  • Cloudinary: End-to-end image and video management solution enables web and mobile app developers to deliver a superior end-user experience, speed development, reduce costs and eliminate the hassle of building and supporting a media management solution in-house, or patching together off-the-shelf solutions with limited functionality and scale. Dynamically adapt image & video properties to deliver optimal versions. Many image & video manipulations. Integration libraries and SDKs
  • NP(2) – Network Performance Platform, DevOps traffic optimization, scans over 600K internet prefixes for best latency, company claims a decrease of 60%. Overrides internet’s default connection route to provide an optimized route based upon latency, bandwidth, & cost
  • New Relic Infrastructure (Pro & Essential): Monitoring capabilities for visibility across Amazon EC2 instances, on-prem & cloud. Correlates real-time health metrics with events and configuration changes so you can resolve problems quickly. Pro has more features
  • Ruxit Dynatrace Cloud-Native Monitoring (powered by AI): Save time analyzing problems, performs detailed root cause analysis & gives you the ability to replay problems visually. Explore interactive visualization of your entire app environment. No manual configuration, auto-discovery powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Solano Labs Cl: Brings high-performance & high-availability to your critical development & deployment pipelines. Parallel execution & dynamic task distribution finishes builds up to 80x faster automatically, claimed by vendor. Revision-controlled setup for new projects & branches, code repository, popular language support
  • Solodev Enterprise CloudCMS that drives powerful, personalized, easy to manage customer experiences. Instant access to code, files & databases in  a scalable EC2 environment. Handles a diverse range of products, has custom app functionalities

Security & Log Management

  • Alert Logic Cloud InsightPrioritize vulnerabilities and misconfigurations by degree of impact, incorporate vulnerability management into DevOps pipeline to fully automate assessment & validation of issues, automated scanning of new & changed assets
  • Bitium Identity & Access Management for AWS: (Bitium Application Services Endpoint (BASE)): Authentication and Authorization-as-a-Service, token-based authentication (SAML), enterprise integration: LDAP, Active Directory, or any other IdP
  • Datadog Apps MonitoringTurnkey integrations & easy to install agent to monitor all your servers, databases, & apps in minutes. Rich out-of-box dashboards + drag & drop to create your own. Easy API to extend integrations & send metrics & events from your apps
  • Dome9 Serenity for AWS Enterprise Edition
  • Sumo Logic Log Analytics (Sumo Logic Machine Data Analytics for Logs & Metrics): AWS-hosted machine data analytics service, delivering real-time insights from logs, metrics, & event data across the entire app lifecycle & stack. It has ad how search, LogReduce & LogCompare analytics, predictive and outlier detection, Live Tail, historical & live streaming dashboards, real-time alerting, data forwarding & webhook integrations, many certifications including HIPAA.  Enterprise Plan has anomaly detection, APIs, security analytics and more
  • Trend Micro Deep Security (as a Service): Defends your AWS workloads against threats, malware & vulnerabilities. Speed regulatory compliance with multiple security controls in one product. Defends against network threats

Databases, BI, and Big Data

  • ***Added 1/6/2017 to this post***Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse (On-Demand) is now available in AWS Marketplace!!! Snowflake is ranked the #1 Cloud Data Warehouse by Gigaom (you can read the report here), the industry leader in emerging technology research. Snowflake’s unique architecture is what makes this product so extremely popular. There’s no configuration: you just load data and query it, and Snowflake takes care of the rest! You can view a short video I created about the company – it’s a “must watch” to understand this ground-breaking technology:
  • HERE Forward Geocoder Global ServiceHigh performance REST API available worldwide with a string analyzer understanding differences between address formats across countries. Geocode large data sets in seconds. Output provides scoring & matching information, shapes for postal code boundaries, & shapes for any administrative level
  • Pitney Bowes GeoCode APIEnriches customer addresses with the most accurate location data available through a REST API. Returns lat/long coordinates. Multiple methods for individual and batch transactions
  • Qubole Data ServiceDelivers a more accessible way to perform big data analytics for data stored & growing in your AWS cloud. Multiple data engines optimized to run with minimal operational administration, leveraging extensive automation & a common metastore. Automatically provision & manages big data infrastructure based on workloads, starting & stopping clusters only when needed. Auto-scales cluster size. Leverages lulls in compute pricing cycles to run your analytic jobs when Spot Pricing makes sense


  • Aspera Transfer Service: Accelerates data movement to & from the cloud at rates up to 100s of times faster than standard TCP-based transfers, claims the vendor. Provides same transfer speeds to all regions. Complete data security with in-transit & at-rest encryption, data integrity verification for each transmitted block, & automatic retry and resume from point of interruption on failure
  • NetApp Data Sync (Data Fabric Cloud Sync service):  Simple automated method to get your data into AWS, run an AWS Service (like Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS) & get the results back on-premises. Complete data synchronization to rapidly move data to & from AWS while converting file-based NFS data to Amazon S3 object format. Accelerates data-driven decision making by taking large or small data sets for analysis then returning the results back to NFS. Continuous, active-active synchronization lowers the amount of data transferred at one time
  • Signiant Flight: For companies that need to move large files to the cloud. Cloud-native auto-scaling, global access, easy deployment & maintenance. Vendor claims uploads are 200x faster than standard IP. Comprehensive security model is built-in  and standards are audited by a 3rd party


  • Druva Phoenix (Enterprise & Business): Unified backup, disaster recovery & archiving for physical and virtual server workloads. Cloud native, global dedupe, ever incremental backups, auto storage tiering. Vendor claims a 50-90% saving over traditional server backup solutions. Highly secure AES-256 Digital Envelope Encryption

Other Business Applications & Services

  • Avalara AvaTax: Real-time rates & rules for 12,000+ U.S. tax jurisdictions. Built in address verification & geolocation with guaranteed accuracy. SKU-level taxability for millions of products & services; updates automatically for change in rates, tax laws, & nexus. Pre-built integrations to 500+ ERP, POS, & ecommerce systems with full reporting capability

Other SaaS software solutions I’ve discovered since the above list was announced this morning, in advance of the AWS re:Invent announcement are the following:

  • Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS: Hadoop, Hive & Spark services pre-configured (lots more in the story linked to in this bullet point)
  • Terra Pixel’s Streamap Platform: Terra Pixel, an Open Geospatial imagery streaming service provider, and Carahsoft Technology Corp, the trusted government IT solutions provider, offers this solution for the U.S. Intelligence Community
  • uReveal Data Mining Tool: Manage and examine raw data in real time & view structured or unstructured data in a unified view for the U.S. Intelligence Community

Another (almost) new feature of AWS Marketplace is “Product Support Connection for AWS Marketplace Customers“:

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace Product Support Connection

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace Product Support Connection

What this essentially means is that as a consumer of software through AWS Marketplace, which manages billing for the ISVs, consolidated on their AWS bill, you can selectively share your contact information with the software vendors. This simplifies and streamlines product support requests. “As of today”, the vendors that have this enabled are listed here (just click on the orange button in the homepage screenshot shown above).

The main way to navigate AWS Marketplace is to either click on one of the “Popular Categories” links, which takes you to the general category you clicked on. The results are filtered with the most popular products listed first.

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace "Popular Categories" Section

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace “Popular Categories” Section

Another way to navigate is via the search bar at the top. Let’s say you’re looking for a firewall. Simply type in the word “firewall” in the search bar:

Screenshot of Searching AWS Marketplace by Typing in a Generic Term

Screenshot of Searching AWS Marketplace by Typing in a Generic Term

You can see the search bar makes suggestions, but let’s just say you want to see all the listings because you’re not sure which one in the drop down list to choose. So you’d just leave the word “firewall” in the search & click “Enter”. You will get a filtered list of the top products on top:

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace Search with Generic Term "Firewall"

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace Search with Generic Term “Firewall”

Of course you can drill down if you know the specific type of firewall you want by either choosing from one of the drop down options or entering your own extended search terms.

Notice that next to where you typed in “firewall”, if you decided to search for something different, there is a drop down that reads “Shop All Categories“, as shown below:

Screenshot from "Firewall Search" to "Shop All Categories"

Screenshot from “Firewall Search” to “Shop All Categories”

I’d like to point out the annotations in the screenshot above and explain what they mean:

  • The far left light violet square that reads “Your Account” shows all information about your AWS & AWS Marketplace settings
  • The bottom right magenta rectangle that reads “Your Software” takes you to your AWS Account Login page, where once logged in you see the software you’re using currently from AWS Marketplace
  • The red arrow points to the words “Sell in AWS Marketplace“. If you have software you’d like to sell on AWS Marketplace, click the link in this bullet point to take a tour showing you all you need to know about doing that
  • The top super-purple square that surrounds the words “Amazon Web Services Home” takes you to the AWS home page where you can log in to the console for your account:
Screenshot of AWS Home Page

Screenshot of AWS Home Page

Of course, with Amazon Web Services big conference, AWS re:Invent coming up in 12 days, the conference announcement is one of the carousel images. Last year in 2015, there were more than 18,000 people attending! It’s a big deal, lots of fun, lots of learning, & lots of networking. If you can’t go, I encourage you to sign up to watch the live streams, shown in the screenshot above.

Below you’ll see the updated “View Categories” drop down from the home page. I think it’s nicer!

Screenshot of Updated "View Categories" in AWS Marketplace

Screenshot of Updated “View Categories” in AWS Marketplace on Marketplace Home Page

A left menu on any page but the home page exists, and has been there a long time. I don’t know if that’s queued for a new look, but let’s go over ways you can filter your searches from there:

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace Left Filter Menu

Screenshot of AWS Marketplace Left Filter Menu

The first thing you’ll notice is under “Categories” it has links to 3 types of categories, with the number of listings available. Going from top to bottom, you then can filter by the following topics:

  • Operating Systems
  • Software Pricing Plans
  • Product Support
  • Software Free Trials (notice there’s currently 506 software products offering free trials!)
  • Delivery Method
  • Average Rating
  • Architecture
  • Region
  • Amazon EC2 Instance Type

Expanding the EC2 Instance Type, you can see the options are either Micro Instances (available for the generous AWS Free Tier trial period of 1 year), General Purpose, Memory Optimized, Storage Optimized, Compute Optimized, & GPU Optimized. AWS has computational power that’s second to none, each optimized with varying combinations of CPU, memory, storage & networking capacity to meet the need of any use case1.

Expanding the Instance Types, you can see for yourself how many types and counts of EC2 instances AWS has. It’s no wonder AWS has the broadest platform for big data today with the vast majority of big data use cases deployed in the cloud today run on AWS with compute power like this. For the sixth consecutive year, AWS is the overwhelming market share leader, with over 10 times more compute capacity in use than the aggregate total of the other 14 providers in their “Magic Quadrant”. 1

Screenshot of AWS EC2 Instance Types

Screenshot of AWS EC2 Instance Types


What is AWS Marketplace & What’s In It For ME?
For those of you who haven’t heard about AWS Marketplace or dismiss it (for any number of pre-conceived ideas) as another “That’s how they get you!” thought, let me explain the facts, the benefits, and how to navigate AWS Marketplace. Please read on: AWS Marketplace has more than 100,000 active customers who use 300M compute hours/month deployed on Amazon EC2, with more than 3,000 listings from over 1,000 popular software vendors (not including the new SaaS launch that occurred today.)

Gartner1 confirms that because AWS has a multi-year competitive advantage over all its competitors, it’s been able to attract over a thousand technology partners and independent software vendors from popular vendor that have licensed and packaged their software to run on AWS, have integrated their software with AWS capabilities, or to deliver add-on services all through the AWS Marketplace. The AWS Marketplace is the largest “app store” in the world, regardless of being strictly a B2B app store!

Since AWS resources can be instantiated in seconds, you can treat these as “disposable” resources – not hardware or software you’ve spent months deciding which to choose and spending a significant up-front expenditure without knowing if it will solve your problems. The “Services not Servers” mantra of AWS provides many ways to increase developer productivity, operational efficiency and the ability to “try on” various solutions available on AWS Marketplace to find the perfect fit for your business needs without commitment to long-term contracts.

1-Click, on-demand infrastructure through software solutions on AWS Marketplace allows iterative, experimental deployment and usage to take advantage of advanced analytics and emerging technologies within minutes, paying only for what you consume, by the hour or by the month.

The vast majority of big data use cases deployed in the cloud today run on AWS, with unique customer references for big data analytics, of which 67 are household names. AWS has over 50 Services and hundreds of features to support virtually any big data application and workload. When you combine the managed AWS services with software solutions available on AWS Marketplace, you can get the precise business intelligence and big data analytical solutions you want that augments and enhances your project beyond what the services themselves provide. There are over 290 big data solutions in AWS Marketplace. Therefore, you get to data-driven results faster by decreasing the time it takes to plan, forecast, and make software provisioning decisions. This greatly improves the way you build business analytics solutions and run your business.

Below are just a fraction of example solutions you can achieve when using AWS Marketplace’s software solutions with AWS big data services:

You can:

  • Launch pre-configured and pre-tested experimentation platforms for big data analysis
  • Query your data where it sits (in-datasource analysis) without moving or storing your data on an intermediate server while directly accessing the most powerful functions of the underlying database
  • Perform “ELT” (extract, load, and transform) vs. “ETL” (extract, transform, and load) your data into Amazon’s Redshift data warehouse so the data is in its original form, giving you the ability to perform multiple data warehouse transforms on the same data
  • Have long-term connectivity among many different databases
  • Ensure your data is clean and complete prior to analysis
  • Visualize millions of data points on a map
  • Develop route planning and geographic customer targeting
  • Embed visualizations in applications or stand-alone applications
  • Visualize billions of rows in seconds
  • Graph data and drill into areas of concern
  • Have built-in data science
  • Export information into any format
  • Deploy machine-learning algorithms for data mining and predictive analytics
  • Meet the needs of specialized data connector requirements
  • Create real-time geospatial visualization and interactive analytics
  • Have both OLAP and OLTP analytical processing
  • Map disparate data sources (cloud, social, Google Analytics, mobile, on-prem, big data or relational data) using high-performance massively parallel processing (MPP) with easy-to-use wizards
  • Fine-tune the type of analytical result (location, prescriptive, statistical, text, predictive, behavior, machine learning models and so on)
  • Customize the visualizations in countless views with different levels of interactivity
  • Integrate with existing SAP products
  • Deploy a new data warehouse or extend your existing one

Amazon EC2 provides an ideal platform for operating your own self-managed big data analytics applications on AWS infrastructure. Almost any software you can install on Linux or Windows virtualized environments can be run on Amazon EC2 with a pay-as-you-go pricing model with a solution available on AWS Marketplace. Amazon EC2 uses the implemented architecture to distribute computing power across parallel servers to execute the algorithms in the most efficient manner.

Some examples of self-managed big data analytics that run on Amazon EC2 include the following:

  • A Splunk Enterprise Platform, the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence. Splunk software and cloud services enable organizations to search, monitor, analyze and visualize machine-generated big data coming from websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors and mobile devices. A Splunk Analytics for Hadoop, within AWS, solution is available on AWS Marketplace also. It’s called Hunk and it enables interactive exploration, analysis, and data visualization for data stored in Amazon EMR and Amazon S3
  • A Tableau Server Data Visualization Instance, for users to interact with pre-built data visualizations created using Tableau Desktop. Tableau server allows for ad-hoc querying and data discovery, supports high-volume data visualization and historical analysis, and enables the creation of reports and dashboards
  • A SAP HANA One Instance, a single-tenant SAP HANA database instance that has SAP HANA’s in-memory platform, to do transactional processing, operational reporting, online analytical processing, predictive and text analysis
  • A Geospatial AMI such as MapLarge, that brings high-performance, real-time geospatial visualization and interactive analytics. MapLarge’s visualization results are useful for plotting addresses on a map to determine demographics, analyzing law enforcement and intelligence data, delivering insight to public health information, and visualizing distances such as roads and pipelines
  • An Advanced Analytics Zementis ADAPA Decision Engine Instance, which is a platform and scoring engine to produce Data Science predictive models that integrate with other predictive models like R, Python, KNIME, SAS, SPSS, SAP, FICO and more. Zementis ADAPA Decision Engine can score data in real-time using web services or in batch mode from local files or data in Amazon S3 buckets. It provides predictive analytics through many predictive algorithms, sensor data processing (IoT), behavior analysis, and machine learning models
  • A Matillion Data Integration Instance, an ELT service natively built for Amazon Redshift, that uses Amazon Redshift’s processing for data transformations to utilize it’s blazing speed and scalability. Matillion gives the ability to orchestrate and/or transform data upon ingestion or simply load the data so it can be transformed multiple times as your business requires

Below is an AWS Marketplace brochure explaining the benefits of using Marketplace solutions for big data analytics (that can also be found on the “BI & Big Data Landing Page” if you scroll to the bottom of the page & click on “Download PDF Poster“.

Benefits of AWS Marketplace in Analytical Solutions

Poster on the Benefits of AWS Marketplace in Analytical Solutions

The Main Categories on AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace has solutions for big data analytics, but listed below are all of the main sections, with links to each topics’ respective landing pages:

Breaking Down the Main AWS Marketplace Categories to Specific Functionalities:

Security Solutions:

Network Infrastructure Solutions:

Storage Solutions:

BI and Big Data Solutions:

Database Solutions:

Application Development Solutions:

Content Delivery Solutions:

Mobile Solutions:

Microsoft Solutions (note: the list of  “Third-Party Software Products” is a small fraction of the AWS Marketplace solutions that run on Microsoft Servers):

  • Microsoft Workloads:
    • Windows Server (many editions, type “Windows Server” into AWS Marketplace search bar)
    • Exchange Server
    • Microsoft Dynamics (many editions, type “Microsoft Dynamics” into AWS Marketplace search bar)
    • Microsoft SQL Server  (many editions, type “SQL Server” into AWS Marketplace search bar)
    • SharePoint (many editions, type “SharePoint” into AWS Marketplace search bar)
  • Third-Party Software Products:

Migration Solutions:

I hope you read through the entire post, and that you now realize how much time, frustration, configuration, and money you can save by using the preconfigured software solutions available at AWS Marketplace, only paying for what you use.


#gottaluvAWS! #gottaluvAWSMarketplace!

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