Amazon Aurora’s Deep Dive: Video Chapter 2.0: Amazon Aurora’s Architecture

Amazon Aurora Deep Dive 2.0: Architecture

Amazon Aurora Deep Dive 2.0: Architecture

Hello Fellow AWS Enthusiasts!

My oldest son married his girlfriend of 10 years yesterday, so it’s been a very busy week of preparation, beautiful family times, and lots of happy emotions.

However, because my time has been diverted, my Amazon Aurora Deep Dive Video Series has been put on hold.

I was almost done with the next Video Section (2.0 of 6.0), following 1.0: Amazon Aurora Overview which can be viewed here: prior to changing priorities from my beloved AWS passion to my beloved family 😉

NOTE: Missed this deadline :/ This new Video Chapter will be published by the end of this week, by Sunday, October 23.

I thought I’d give you a peek at the Video Sub-Chapter Titles that are in Amazon Aurora’s Architecture Video Section:

  • 2.0: “Amazon Aurora’s Architecture Intro”
  • 2.1: “Understanding Amazon Aurora’s Unique Architecture”
  • 2.2: “Amazon Aurora’s Clusters & Replicas”
  • 2.3: “Amazon Aurora’s Endpoints and Replication”
  • 2.4: “Understanding Amazon Aurora’s Logging, Storage, Caching, and Indexing”
  • 2.5: “Understanding Amazon Aurora’s I/O Architecture”
  • 2.6: “Understanding Amazon Aurora’s Scalability and Elasticity Architecture”
  • 2.7: “Understanding Amazon Aurora’s Fault Tolerance and Restoration Architecture”
  • 2.8: “Amazon Aurora’s Performance”
  • 2.9: “Amazon Aurora’s Performance Benchmarking”
  • 2.10: “Understanding Amazon Aurora’s Security Architecture”
  • With quizzes for each Video Sub-Chapter within each Sub-Chapter section & a “final quiz” for the entire Video Section at the end

Stay tuned this week – I found putting all this awesome architectural genius together was so much fun! Wait until you see how ingenious it all is!



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