Amazon Aurora Deep Dive – FYI – In Progress

Amazon Aurora - A New Dawn for RDBMS

Amazon Aurora – A New Dawn for RDBMS

I’ve been making videos on Amazon Aurora: a whole new paradigm shift in relational database management systems (RDBMS). As of September, 2016, Amazon Aurora is the fastest growing service in AWS history – and there’s good reason for that!

No sneak peeks, although I’m tempted! This will be a full “Deep Dive” on Amazon Aurora, with a table of contents (TOC) at the high-level looking “something” like this:

  1. 1.0: Overview of Amazon Aurora RDBMS (has 10 sub-sections, I just need to record them as a whole & in smaller, digestible videos for those who want a little at a time due to time constraints)
  2.  2.0: Amazon Aurora’s Architecture (14 sub-sections planned)
  3. 3.0: Configuring and Managing Your Amazon Aurora Instance (7 sub-sections planned)
  4. 4.0: Creating an Amazon Aurora Cluster (4 sub-sections, 2 of which are demos, planned)
  5. 5.0: Migrating Your Data to Amazon Aurora (4 sub-sections planned)
  6. 6.0: Amazon Aurora’s Advanced Functionality (2 sub-sections planned, 1 of which is a demo, about Visualization and Advanced Analytics on Amazon Aurora, using Big Data Analytics solutions provided by popular independent software vendors on the AWS Marketplace)

This is obviously going to take some time, but it’s a priority because I want to nail this topic! So other than when “life” steps in my way, I’ll be A Very Happy AWS Camper in my Woman Cave geeking out on Amazon Aurora & sharing my learning (& actually, some pretty awesome & amazing AWS history) with you via videos.

Section 1.0 coming soon


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