My First Post: Botmetric Overview: CloudOps Made E-A-S-Y

Odd to have the first posting on a blog dedicated to teaching people about AWS be about a product. You’d think I’d start with the basics and move on from there.

That’s not how this running blog will work.

I will add the basics and I will add what I’m doing currently; so browse by the Categories to get to the right posts.

Botmetrics  has helped me save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Literally.

Although most companies that haven’t taken the leap to the cloud yet are probably not doing so because of fear their data “won’t be safe” when they can’t see the server(s) sitting in the office –  where there’s a false feeling of being “in control.” The cloud is much more secure than your on-prem data: cloud companies have 24/7 surveillance, they have quarterly stringent security audits, are under the scrutiny of the federal government and the list could go on & on.

Your data is so much more likely to be compromised by a mal-intentioned employee than in the cloud.

That being said, you have to know fundamental security (and other) cloud best practices. This is a lot to learn, and a lot to trust to 1 or 2 employees!

Enter Botmetric. Botmetric acts as your  “Virtual Cloud Engineer” and more. It asks for the minimum of privileges necessary in order to save you days (&/or weeks) of time searching and clicking around the cloud interface, needing to see multiple windows at once, and not having a holistic understanding of what’s going on when, where & how.

The main components in Botmetric are Cost Analytics (cloud costs can get out of control without a keen eye on what you have running), Cloud Insights (“intelligent” suggestions in 4 types of audits), and Cloud Automation (that will save your engineers a ton of time & give them unprecedented insight.)

I’ve created a YouTube video that gives you an overview of all the features in Botmetric (there are more features than the 3 core components mentioned earlier that are crucial, including my favorite “Cloud Reports”.)

In a mere ~17 minutes, you can see what a cost-saver, time-saver (& potential life-saver!) Botmetric is.

There’s a short introduction in the beginning; feel free to skip around the the important demos.

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